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Words and Images

by Neve Tullberg

The Band That Will Diagnose Your Pets With Anxiety.  

“Yeah, we stole the name off of actual Pet Therapists.”



Pet Therapy is a newly formed band that came to fruition when Salvador, a fan of Ethan's previous musical endeavours, reached out to him after seeing a post seeking musicians for a new project. Having already established a connection with Patrick, Salvador recommended him to Ethan as a suitable bass player. Aidan responded to the same post, and thus, Pet Therapy was born.

Drawing on Ethan's demo tracks, the band got to work perfecting their individual parts. Initially, Salvador repurposed some pre-existing lyrics to assist with the songwriting process. However, as the band's collaborative efforts began to take shape, each member contributed their own unique vision and creativity to the mix.

The resulting synergy between the band members has yielded a promising start for Pet Therapy, with an impressive body of work already in their repertoire. As they continue to hone their craft, Pet Therapy is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry, and their future endeavours are highly anticipated.

Left to Right

Patrick (bass), Aidan (drums),

Ethan (guitar) and Salvador (vocals).



Pet Therapy is a band that defies categorisation. With each member bringing their own individual inspirations and musical preferences to the table, the result is a cohesive sound that's greater than the sum of its parts. Described by the band as a "Frankenstein" vision, Pet Therapy's music is a tapestry of sounds and influences, including South American folk, bossa nova, metal, funk, and soul, all woven together to modernise a common thread of early 2000s indie rock.

Their upcoming track, "Green Room," is a testament to this unique blend of styles. The demo of the song showcases the band's ability to seamlessly merge disparate elements into a cohesive whole. Anchored by melodic basslines, static strumming, and intricate drum beats, the track is elevated by Salvador's introspective lyrics, which convey a sense of melancholy that is both haunting and beautiful.

Salvador's songwriting process is as interesting as the band's sound. He frequently writes in his journal, drawing inspiration from his surroundings. His lyrics are often fragmented thoughts and ideas pieced together from various sources, such as paintings in galleries or powerful statements from friends. The end result is a somatic trance that is reflected in Pet Therapy's music, evoking a range of emotions and experiences.

As they work on their debut EP, Pet Therapy is quickly becoming a band to watch in the independent music scene. Their music is refreshing yet still calls back to an indie rock sound, showing abilities to meld different styles and genres proving a testament to their creativity and talent.

“I honestly like to think of them as word collages sometimes more than lyrics.”

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